Aaron De La Cruz x Oath

Brushes meet brands and art is born.

When Aaron De La Cruz creates art, he puts in more than just his years of experience. He puts in his soul. You can see what matters most to this San Francisco-based artist, his dedication to inclusion and creativity, in the shapes he paints and the meandering connections between them. When we saw that passion for the same values that we cherish here at Oath, we knew we had found the perfect partner for our first artist series.

From his byzantine sculpture, large scale outdoor murals and stark two dimensional ink drawings and paintings, Aaron’s artwork overcomes barriers of separation and freely steps in and out of the realms of fine art and design. His work looks to infuse the local and ordinary into extraordinary with his simplistic yet striking visual vocabulary.

The mural

Among the black strokes that turn and run across the piece, colored circles stand out, representing our brands. Within it all, two blue circles bring everything together, representing the Oath family of brands, our partnership with the artist, and our mutual commitment to raising the bar and creating what’s next.

Check out the full extent of our artist series with Aaron in the Oath Store or online. To see more of Aaron’s work, visit AaronDeLaCruz.com.



30% of proceeds from select collection items will go to Oath for Good partner organization Turnaround Arts, a school improvement program that uses the arts to help revitalize struggling schools. Turnaround Arts helps thousands of students, teachers, and families nationwide benefit from the transformative power of the arts in education. 

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