Olloclip Core Lens Set

Item# OAT915


The Core Lens Set delivers unmatched image quality, user experience and versatility. Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro 15x lenses are combined to offer a diverse range of options for capturing what you want, when you want. Shoot, edit and share unique perspectives instantly and easily.

Exclusively for iPhone 8/7 & 8/7 Plus. Our advanced lens system maintains all the best features of its award-winning predecessor and is equipped to quickly configure with other iPhone 8/7 Connect lenses. For the first time, there is a lens system that can be instantly adapted to your environment.

✓     Works with caseless iPhone
✓     Works with "olloclip-ready" phone case
✗     Does not work with any other phone case

✗     We recommend not using with a screen protector
✗     Not compatible with flash

Please Note: Quantities per item larger than 10 can take up to 1-2 weeks to ship. Customer service will be contacting you for larger orders placed.


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